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4 Maintenance Service Secrets For Your Copiers

Copiers are expensive to purchase and maintain, but they can last if you know the 4 steps to maintain your copiers- 4 essential steps needed to take care of your copier and make it actually last long. 

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The four basic maintenance tasks include cleaning, replacing toner cartridges regularly, removing paper jams, and fixing broken parts.

We put our copiers in jeopardy and we can run into some major problems if we don’t do maintenance services to them regularly. 

The first problem could be paper jams; this happens when people overload their trays with too much paper at one time. Take care of this by checking your tray capacity and adding more trays can also help avoid this issue.

Second, broken parts such as the drum or fuser unit should be fixed by a service technician immediately because having these issues go unaddressed for long periods usually result in bigger problems down the road. This could also mean more money out of the pocket for bigger, more complex fixes later on. 

Third, we recommend you clean out the inside of your copier once every three months so that all the dust and debris can be blown away instead of settling into cracks or crevices where it might start building up. This will avoid overheating issues since excess dust usually acts as insulation if allowed to build up on components such as fans, electric circuits, etc. Overheating can happen leading to delayed print jobs; taking longer than normal for printers to cool down after they have been used.

Fourth, schedule regular service for your printers. Changing out damaged or low-quality ink cartridges can be done on an as-needed basis but it’s still a good idea to make sure you have them in stock. 

What are the tips to have a long-lasting copier? 

If something goes wrong, or if the machine starts to malfunction, then it’s a sign telling us we need to have our machines checked. Sometimes this means getting new parts; other times it can be as easy as having someone clean out your cartridge holder. Regular service ensures long-lasting machines, which you will need when looking for quality and durability in a copier.

What to keep in mind?

Ensure you use Quality Paper and Toner Supplies

Use only toner made specifically for your machine, not generic brands that may cause trouble down the line. Also, remember when changing the paper in multi-purpose machines that there is a difference between regular printer paper, envelopes, labels, and other specialty papers so be sure you’re using the appropriate supplies for whatever print job you need.

Inspect the Entire Machine – Use a flashlight to check for dust, dirt, and debris buildup.

Make sure that you are following all of your copier manufacturer’s care instructions like cleaning or replacing parts on time, check your user manual for this. If you’re not sure how often to do this, be sure to ask us! We can help keep track of it for you so there’s no need to worry about missing important dates (like annual maintenance services).

Copiers are expensive to purchase and maintain, but they can last if you know the 4 essential maintenance steps needed. If your copier is still in good shape, we recommend these four essential steps for maintaining it through its lifespan: 

  • 1) Cleaning rollers with canned air or a brush; 
  • 2) Replacing toner cartridges when necessary; 
  • 3) Checking paper levels before printing each job; 
  • 4) Changing out drum units after so many prints. 

These few simple tasks will keep your machine running smoothly for years of use! Remember- taking care of your machines pays.

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