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Choose the Right Copier for Small Business

Many businesses thrive because of tons of commercial documents. In an office where documents are part of one’s daily work, a business copier is always considered a trusted aide. This is why several businesses would require a copier from the inception of the business, lest they miss out on the great opportunity of being able to run the business smoothly. So before you decide on the copier lease Miami that you have been considering, take a look at some of the things you must determine before finally choosing the copier for your business.

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Output Per Month

What is your expected output every month? Estimate the number of copies that you foresee your office will be doing per month. This can be gleaned from the kind of documents that you handle, as well as the recipients of these documents. This is an important factor to be considered because there are copiers that could handle volumetric copies. Some copiers can only do half or even less of your requirement. This data would also affect the speed of the copier that would be ideal for your office. It follows that if the number of copies you need in a month is high, then you would also need a fast copier that can churn out copies in a jiffy. So make sure that you determine these factors.

Paper Size

Will you be photocopying documents done in wide formats? If so, then the copier that you need would also be one that could cater to the size of documents that you are handling. You can find this data on the specs of the copier. Here you will be able to determine if it would be able to handle your office’s copy needs. Don’t forget to check the volume of paper that the trays could handle. The more trays you have, the more paper you can feed at any given time.

Scanning Capability

Many offices today would simply go for the copier/scanner equipment. This saves them the hassle of having several pieces of equipment in the office, which apparently would be taking up space. There are copiers today that can even scan several pages without you having to scan them one-by-one. These documents would be placed on a feeder and the copier will be the one to scan each one for you. These are also the copiers that could provide you with double-sided scanning, a feature that can provide convenience to those at the office.

Copier Memory

Yes, it may come as a surprise but you may want your machine to store documents, especially office templates that you frequently need a copy of. The ideal memory of your copier must not fall below 1.5GB. Anything less than this might not work well in your favor. So as early as now, it would be best to go for copiers with bigger memory. You’ll never know when that extra space will come in handy.

The Costly Ink

Just like printers, copiers using inkjet would always be more costly than the laser type. If you do not need to print or copy a voluminous number of documents, then an inkjet copier will be sufficient. On the other hand, if there is a need for you to produce a large volume of copies every day of the week, then the laser type will be ideal. Yes, the latter will cost you more but the long-term savings that you will enjoy will outweigh the initial investment that you make.

So now it’s time for you to make a judgment with regards to the copier that you need for your small business. These are the factors that you must not fail to consider for you to be able to choose the ideal copier that will serve your business for a long time.