Leasing Commercial Grade Copiers

Leasing Commercial Grade Copiers

Buying Your Own Commercial Grade Copier

Here’s a scenario. You are tired of running down to your local copy shop. Then, you get in your car and then drive down to make some copies. You pay five to ten cents per copy then go back to your office. After that, you realize that you still need to make more copies. This gives you a headache, inconvenience, as well as time lost because of running back and forth.

With this scenario, you may consider buying leasing your own copier/printer. When buying a copier, there are four major considerations. First, consider how many copiers you will be producing on a monthly basis. Second, identify the copier features that you need. Third, determine the space and machine size requirements. And last, have an idea of how rapidly you will outgrow the machine. Other significant considerations are the reliability of the machine, cost per copy, and the number of copies the consumable parts yield and their replacement cost.

With regard to the best brand, the golden rule here is that the factories that make the best digital equipment make the best MFP copier printers. Canon, Sharp, Xerox, Ricoh, and Minolta are some of the famous copier brands in the market. There are also three major grades of the photocopier machine – the PC Grade Copier, the Business Grade Copier, and the Commercial Grade Copier. Most PC grade machines are sold in local office superstores. They are designed primarily to produce a maximum of 500 to 1,500 copies in a month. In buying a PC grade copier, the convenience of a new small PC grade copier may soon be dominated by the lack or absence of features, capacity, high cost per copy, and lack of accessible on-site service by the company.

The typical business-grade machine for most users is the best choice. This is the most common grade of the machine. The features and sizes of the machine will also vary, as they can range from a simple desktop model to a large stand-alone machine. Business-grade machines, moreover, are generally known for their low cost per copy plus the accessibility of “Full System” options.

The commercial-grade copier will usually include many of the “Full System” features. It is capable of producing more than 50 copies per minute. There are things that also set this type of machine different from the business-grade machine – the higher monthly copy volume, lower maintenance with service cost, and low cost per copy.



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