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Useful Third-Party App Integrations for Your Kyocera Copier

Third-Party App Integrations

One of the most important things that you need is copiers when starting a business. Copier machines are expensive, but there are many solutions to solve your financial problems when getting a copier. The biggest answer is to lease a copier.

Copier leasing is self-explanatory. You lease a copier than buying one. Many start-up businesses lease on a copier because it saves up your company’s income and finances. When buying one, you have to buy extra expenses with maintenance and equipment.

The biggest advantages of a copier lease are when you contact any copier leasing services. You have many choices to choose how long you want to lease a copier, and they will provide your business the best brands. You don’t need to worry about extra pay with repairs and equipment; they’ll provide the parts and equipment you want, and also you can call maintenance anytime you like with no additional payment.

The copier leasing services in Los Angeles are among the best services from the Clear Choice Technical Services in California to lease a copier. They are one of the most resourceful and budget-friendly copier leasing services you can trust.

When copier leasing in Los Angeles, they’ll provide you, professional technicians, if you need to repair your machines. They have added equipment when you need it, like printers, toners, binders, and many more. And they also have the best brands of copiers that you want to lease or rent with available rates that you need, like Kyocera, Xerox, Lexmark, and many more brands.

Their service also provides the answers you need to know more about copier leasing. One of the questions that business owners ask is about third-party app integrations.

So, what are third-party app integrations?

Third-party apps are specific apps made by people who make apps that are not manufactured or provided from the mobile device. Examples of supplied or manufactured apps are Google, Facebook, and Twitter, not third-party apps.

Third-party app integration offers several benefits for your copiers. Your business will be able to save up money by providing a third-party app integration. It will save up your expenses for your business because while making or investing in a partnership with a third-party app, it will connect and organize your business and copy many possibilities in solving your financial needs.

We’ll give you an example of one of our copiers from the copier leasing services in Los Angeles, which use third-party app integrations that you should download for that copier.

Kyocera copier is a great example to provide a third-party app because it’s one of the most popular machine models and has a lot of benefits like it’s reliable, easy to use, and eco-friendly.

Here is some useful third-party apps integration for your Kyocera Copier:

1. Google Cloud Print & Connector

With this app, you can organize directly to Google Drive or Gmail to scan and print your files whenever you need to. One of the quickest apps to do so when printing and scanning.

2. AirPrint

If you’re an Apple user, this app is for you. It lets you connect to other products from Apple and print and scan right away to a nearby printer only if that printer is partnered with Apple, and Kyocera Copier can do that.

3. Evernote Connect

This app will automatically connect to a Kyocera copier when you have an Evernote account and provide your printing needs.

4. DocuWare

This type of software will help you organize your copier swiftly. It ensures your copier to print and scan documents when you need to. Most businesses use this application.

5. Microsoft Exchange Connector

This Microsoft app will help you connect to your Kyocera copier quickly. If you have an attachment file on your email, you can use this application and print or scan it right away from that file.

So those are some useful third-party apps for a Kyocera Copier that you might lease soon. These apps are almost similar, so choosing and downloading one will be safe, and you’ll be one step ahead to your beneficial needs for your business when leasing a copier.

For more information on copier lease and third-party app integrations for copiers, you can contact the copier leasing services in Los Angeles on their website, or call 866-620-2287.