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8 Document Prep Tips for Smoother Scanning

8 Document Prep Tips

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Scanning documents seems so easy and so simple but without knowing it, it can turn into painful work. So, the following tips can make your scanning smoother and painless and the best process you could experience.

The first in the tip is picking a match. This means that you have the right device to have a smoother scanning experience.  To consider this, refer to the speed of the scanner. Choose a cost-effective scanner and of quality.  Another thing to know is the format. It is a must to make sure that the machine can handle documents’ sizes and the photos you are scanning.

Tip number two is knowing the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF). An Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) is a tray-like thing where you put the documents to scan. It automatically feeds the paper documents in the scanner.  It is best to check if this is working to lessen the hours of scanning.

The third tip is to rip the pages. In doing this, remove the pieces of the paper document that was torn.  Take your time in ripping the pages. Go slow to go a long way faster.

Tip number four is to detect metals. Always check the document. And if you find paper clips and staples, removing these things for it can cause damage to the scanning machine and may require repair service.

The fourth tip is the shuffle technique. In doing the shuffle technique, hold the documents, take your thumb and fan the edge of the stack. It’s like fanning a deck of cards. This technique will create air and space in the documents and will eliminate static energy.

Tip number six is to detect a blank page or multi-feed.  This tip will help in scanning productivity. By detecting the double feed or blank page, you can double-fed the document and rescan it.

The seventh tip is the batches or groupings. It is a must to carefully organize documents according to their file type. It can save groups of documents in the same location accurately. In preparing large volumes of documents to be scanned, the help of barcodes can be considered. Try to add batches of separate sheets with barcodes in preparation for the document scanning. Batches or groupings will help you in filing and disposing of paper documents.

Tip number eight is cleaning frequency. After you have readied the documents to be scanned, it is best to make sure that the scanning machine is also in good condition. Cleaning it at least once a month is a great way to maintain its use.  Remove any smudges and dirt or any accumulated ink on the surface of the machine. If you use the machine frequently, you must also clean it frequently. 

These are the 8 document prep tips for smoother scanning. It will help you to enjoy the smooth-sailing process of scanning. Have patience in the process. Never take for granted a good practice in handling any machine. Always, know the limitations of using it.