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Does Toshiba Still Make Copiers?

From copiers and digital signage to business solutions that help streamline any organization, Toshiba is empowering the art of business.

Toshiba’s line of colour and black-and-white printing devices includes the award-winning e-STUDIO™ of MFPs. They range from compact and affordable equipment for the home or small office to high-speed, high-capacity printers designed for larger offices.

Here are four areas where Toshiba copiers and printers shine:

#1 Innovation

The company has won numerous awards for its product innovations. In 2017, it announced the world’s first copier/MFP capable of printing both black and erasable blueprints.

#2 Customization

As we mentioned earlier, the award-winning Elevate user interface (UI) simplifies and automates common business processes, allowing organizations to fully customize their MFPs to the tasks they do most frequently.

#3 Ease-of-use

The Elevate platform doesn’t just make printing more efficient; it also makes it easier. Companies can take complicated tasks and simplify them so they can be performed with a simple touch of a button.

#4 Sustainability

Toshiba promotes itself as an environmentally friendly company with a commitment to producing sustainable products and reducing harmful substances in its manufacturing processes. It also chooses suppliers that share the company’s environmental focus.

Does Toshiba Still Make Copiers?

What is the best Toshiba Printer?

  • Toshiba E-Studio 4508A A3 A4 BW Mono Laser Multifunction Printer 
  • Toshiba E-Studio 3008A A3 A4 BW Mono Laser Multifunction Printer
  • Toshiba E-Studio 5508A A3 A4 BW Mono Laser Multifunction Printer 

7 Features to Look for in a Copier 


One of the most important factors to consider in a home printer is how much room it will take up in your office. Given that not everyone has a dedicated home office and they may need to create an office in the kitchen, living room, or guest room, compactness matters.


Because a home printer may be a personal expense instead of a business expense, workers may look at lower-priced (but still good) printers. Most of the major printer brands offer low-cost printers, but one thing to watch out for is whether the printer requires an ink subscription service, which is not for everyone.

Paper and ink capacity

One home printer frustration for home workers is the chore of adding more paper or replacing an ink/toner cartridge. If you’re constantly refilling paper or ink, it can be disruptive to your workflow. Laser printers, which are more often found in offices than homes, are a good option to beef up capacity versus common inkjet printers.

Scanning and copying

Some jobs require workers to scan and copy documents, so those working from home will quickly need to find a well-featured printer that has an emphasis on scanning and copying. Make sure you do your research about what exactly the printer can do in terms of scanning and copying if you’re going to be doing it often.

Photo and colour printing

If you work in any job that involves reviewing photos or colour documents, you should prioritize printers that can produce high-definition, photo-quality prints. Make sure whatever printer you’re looking at can print large photos and not just 4×6 and 5×7 prints.

Stylish design

Despite the ability to print stunning images, most printers themselves are not stylish or pretty. If you care about your home printer having any sort of style to match your office, you’ll likely need to look high and low in order for them to not look bland.

All-in-one printers

Finally, if shopping around for specific features is too stressful or too hard to crack, home workers may simply want to look closely at good all-in-one printers. Generally, these printers offer the ability the print, scan, copy and fax with wireless connectivity. However, not all of these printers are built alike and can be a costly choice if you’re buying something that’s just for simple usage.

If you’re looking for a reliable printer with innovative features and excellent performance, Toshiba copiers and printers are worth a look.  If you are looking for the lowest-cost device, you may want to consider other options.

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