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How Much Does a Copier Cost?

How much does a photocopier cost? That is the common question that people ask when looking for a copier for their office. Although it is frustrating to hear, but the answer is “it depends.”

You won’t be able to know the exact cost of a copier unless you know what you are looking for. All multifunction printers and copiers vary in price. Most mono printers and copiers cost around $300. As for advanced multifunction printers, it will cost around $2,000 to $20,000. 

Copier and laser printers also come in different sizes and models and from different manufacturers. Some are suited for high-volume needs while others are suited for occasional print and copy requirements. 

There are so many things that you need to consider before you purchase a copier, check if you need to staple, if you need to print envelopes and add covers. Check if you need to print and copy to multiple types of paper stock and bind print jobs into books or fold them into pamphlets. 

What about user security? Do you need to add a card or do you need a biometric reader? Copiers and printers are suited for different business needs and they come in different price points. 

How much does a copier cost?

With all of those questions in mind, here is the ballpark figure of how much copiers cost. When you see MFP, just think copier. PPM or pages per minute is the fastest print speed for each device. IPM or images per minute is the fastest scanning speed for each device. 

Mono copiers and color printers ($300 to $2,500)

This size of printer is for those who need copiers in their home or those who need a copier for small workgroup use. In this range, you can find a black and white printer with speeds of 62 ppm. Color printers in this range output up to 50 ppm in color and black and white. 

Mono MFP and copier desktop ($500 to $2,100)

If you need one small device to help you scan, print and fax documents, this is the one for you. It has a lot of options and it comes at a very reasonable price. It is a great choice for low-volume use. 

Color desktop MFP or copier ($800 to $2,600)

A small device for individuals or for small workgroup use. The color speeds approach 32 ppm. Wireless printing capabilities are also usually available at this price range. 

Business class MFP or copier ($2,000 to $11,000)

These are the copiers that you find in 90% of all businesses. This is the workhorse of the business world as they carry the largest load of copy and print volume. It is perfect for businesses that need to copy, print, scan and produce so many copies in a day. 

 Most expensive and cheapest copier

The most expensive copier on the market right now is IBM Infoprint 2085. This multifunction printing system is not only costly, it is also massive, the size is around 82.9 x 28.9 x 58.1 inches. 

The device can print and copy at the speed of 85 pages per minute at 600 x 500 dpi resolution. Around 800,000 impressions for duty cycle every month is very impressive and it is something to be expected from a high-speed printer like this. 

This device can hold up to 7,550 sheets thus allowing the production of different colored stock without paying for any manual insertion. A lot of features of this copier adds flexibility and efficiency make this copier the leader among the high-end printing solutions. This costs around $30,800. 

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum is the cheapest copier on the market, Brother Business HL-L8360CDW . This device does not have scanning, copying or fax capabilities, but it is great at a singular task which is printing. 


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