Is Your Copier Versatile Enough?

As technology develops modernly.  Many machines also evolve from their quality and specifications. Different brands make sure that the machines such as facsimile, printer, and copier have distinct characteristics. Various offices used varied brands of these machines and there are based on their needs, their quality, or their given budget. Sometimes, because of the restrictions to the provided budget in the machines especially in the copier, offices just bought whatever copiers fit their fund. However, this does not guarantee that the copier will provide the best performance, quality, or can handle everything. Also, some of this might last just for a year or two that is costly to the industry. Nonetheless, worry no more because, fortunately, this article will provide information to know whether the copier machines are at their best and are versatile. If your copiers need fixing, we also offer repairs to the copiers Just contact us, and we’re happy to help.

Copiers Features 

   In order for a copier to be versatile, it must have the ability to handle everything not just in scanning, copying, and printing but also includes storing information that can be accessed either by phone or computer. 

Paper Sizes and Capacity 

  Unlike in ordinary copier which accommodates only certain paper sizes, versatile copiers allows more sizes of papers. Also, it paper capacity for maximum monthly cycle can fit more than 3, 000 sheets and a hundred thousand of pages depending on it’s brand.

Rectify varied media types

  As it is called a versatile copier, the copier includes features to handle different types of media. This is one of it’s distinct quality that differentiate it to others and that it is capable to deal with thicker media or plastic. With this feature the workload will be easier and the employees work will be more flexible.

Page sizes

As the copier allows more sizes of paper, the versatile copier also accommodate various page orientations which are landscape and portrait which are commonly used in specific plan and reports of the office. Some of the data are need to be in concise and clear presentation which are very critical when presenting to a client.

Fast printing

With the help of this copier, the business schedules and deadline will be meet earlier. As it provides fast printing of multiple pages, It is also designed to prevent paper jams that most likely happen to ordinary copier. Unlike the ordinary copier, this can accommodate and rectify more paper sheets at once. Give better service to the business and eventually help it to be more successful and smooth.

All in one copier 

   A universal copier is a heavy-use machine that accommodates and can handle everything. It is best to use as it can deliver different jobs at the same time. Such as faxing and scanning. It also provides high-resolution printing and double-sided copying that a business likely want to have in order to give their clients presentable outputs and quality that would give best feedbacks Less expense for purchasing another machine to do the work. Advantageous for every businesses as they can save and meet high expectations of the machine. Worth the money, indeed.

Save money for bills and wear

As the universal copier can handle everything, it is expected that the electricity bills will be less. Cause majority it can do all the work, the office can be more spacious with the help of this. Furthermore, it prevents the office to have more than equipment’s wear that a business expense later on.


    With the unending development, it is essential to ensure that what we use are it’s best and more functional than the others. Ensuring that the copier can handle everything is important as it will make businesses grow. Changes and upgrade in copiers may somewhat problematic and complicated but it will help you more flexible. Fortunately, this article provides the best features a versatile copiers  have that definitely would have help your business.

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