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Ways To Avoid Copiers Repair

Copier repairs are the most avoided problems by companies for two reasons: 1. Copiers are in demand in the office and 2. Copiers are the most expensive office equipment to repair.

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Copiers are the most in-demand machines for there are so many important documents and files to be reproduced in an office that only a copier can do as fast and as accurate. May it be an office that works primarily on paperwork, an advertising company, a law firm, or even a small start-up business … Ask people who work in these types of offices on what is the most utilized device in their work aside from computers and printers, and immediately you’ll hear the word “copier” come up. As such, every office is well aware that the absence of a functioning copier in a day or two will result in tremendous losses and wasted time.

But that’s not all yet. A copier breakdown or malfunction does not only result in losing a valuable machine in the work area. It also results in an expensive repair expense. Naturally, if the copier breaks down, any company would immediately do everything in their power to restore it. As such, this would include having to pay anyone who can fix it no matter the cost and even pay extra to rush said servicing.

What to do to avoid repair, you may ask? Well, the answer is simply proper maintenance. 

Here are a few of the most basic tips to properly maintain:

1. Basic Cleaning – very little working knowledge on how to clean a printer can save you tons of cash in repair. This is because basic cleaning helps you avoid the simple problems that usually escalate to bigger ones later on. This includes paper jam, stuck paper trays, dust accumulation and the likes. Also, find a way to clean the printer heads that when get clogged ends up with white lines running across the text or graphics despite cartridges being full. 

2. Refill with Originals any consumables especially the toner or ink must be bought from authorized sellers and dealers only. Any mix-up or mistake can seriously destroy the accuracy and cleanliness of your printing jobs.

3. Invest in Maintenance Contract – a few dollars spent on well-trained experts who are paid to be reliable and be there for you 24/7 can also go a long way. When you have a maintenance contract, the service provider will take care of maintenance for you, giving you the much-needed peace of mind. However expensive you think they may be, they are always cheaper than unexpected much-needed repair caused by poor maintenance.